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We think Olympic Organic is the best organic yogurt in Canada. That’s because every spoonful of our organic yogurt starts with fresh organic milk from healthy, happy cows who live, sleep and graze on selected farms close to our dairy in Delta, BC. We then turn their fresh milk into our fresh Balkan-style yogurt within 48 hours. We also make sure that any of the fresh fruit purées and probiotic bacteria that we add are 100% natural too. Fresh. Tasty. Healthy. That’s good yogurt.

We know every 
cow by name

Every single one of our organic dairy farmers cares about the health and happiness of their cows. We carefully select each of the farms we use to source our fresh organic milk because we know that happy cows make delicious milk.

Our farms are perfectly located in the fertile Fraser Valley, with its temperate weather, lush pastures and fresh water nearby.

This idyllic location is important because it’s peaceful and cows are sensitive to noise.

They’re also sensitive to our farmers, who know each of them by name. And how to take good care of them. They never use growth hormones and they make sure they are well cared for if they ever get sick.

Less than 100 km from our dairy

All of our farms are less than 100 km from our dairy in Delta, BC. So we only use organic milk that is fresh off the farm. We then work hard to turn that fresh organic milk into fresh organic yogurt in only 48 hours.

All of this adds up to healthy, happy cows and a healthy,
happy relationship with our dairy farmers.
It takes good people and good nature to make our good yogurt.

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Phoebe is one of our dairy cows. She’s a Holstein who lives and grazes at Nature Glen Farms in Abbotsford, BC. We do our best to keep Phoebe healthy and happy all year round.

Cows with names
produce more milk.

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Wake up!

Phoebe is free to roam and graze on fresh grass as soon as she wakes up. The more time she spends outside eating, chewing and playing the better. Yes, cows love to play.

Massage Time

If it’s too cold or rainy to go outside then she can stay warm inside the barn, spending time on the massage brush (cows love massages too!) and maybe even getting a pedicure. Clean hooves are vital to keeping cows healthy.

Good Food Makes good milk.

Phoebe and all the other cows at Nature Glen Farms primarily eat fresh grass with some organic hay, alfalfa and mineral supplements added to their diet by a nutritionist, who visits once a month. They never eat GMO food, animal by-products or any stuff that you wouldn’t want to eat yourself.

34 Litres a day!

The cows are milked twice a day, every 12 hours. They usually line up themselves because they like being milked. Comfort and routine are the two most important things to a cow.

Free time

When Phoebe isn’t being milked or massaged, she’s free to do what she wants. She can eat, play, sleep or just go for a wander. Even in the middle of winter it’s usually not too cold for a walk outside if she feels like it.

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Better for everyone

Organic farming methods are simply better for everyone. The herd is healthier. The environment is better off. Organic farmers tend to be more involved in the day-to-day running of their farms because they're often smaller operations. It takes passion, know-how and a real commitment to farm this way. And we think you can taste that passion in our organic products. It may take more work and cost more, but it's worth it.

Better for nature

  • Animals are treated with respect and dignity.
  • They are raised in natural, humane, low-stress conditions with open access to fresh food and clean water.
  • Organic farming is sustainable farming. It’s better for the soil, with less runoff.
  • No harmful pesticides are used (over 400 chemical pesticides are commonly used in conventional farming).
  • Smaller farms promote biodiversity, protect water quality and prevent soil erosion.

Better for you

  • No GMOs, artificial colours, preservatives or flavours
  • No gelatine or unnecessary thickeners
  • Real, natural food simply tastes better!
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