Organic Greek vanilla yogurt

3.5 %
650 g

Our Organic greek high in protein vanilla yogurt is made with good, fresh organic milk from our grassfed cows and 100% natural source, cleanƚ ingredients. Our real organic vanilla beans offers a velvety taste that’s so sweet. Olympic Organic yogurt is better for everyone: the people, but also our cows.


Laitier Cor Dairy Grass fed Dairy Farmers of Canada no pesticides


Made from ingredients as fresh and natural as our milk

Organic whole milk from grassfed cows, Organic cane sugar, Milk proteins, Water, Organic cream, Organic tapioca starch, Citrus fiber, Organic concentrated lemon juice, Organic vanilla bean, Active bacterial culture, Natural flavour.

No gluten,
No gelatin,
No preservatives.

Nutritional Value

3.5 %M.F.
11 gprotein
27 %calcium daily value
13 gsugar