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Benefits of Yogurt

The Origins…
The great taste and nutritional benefits of cultured yogurt are not a recent discovery, though quite possibly a historical twist of fate. Dating back thousands of years to when milk was carried in goat skin sacks, and through the agitation coming from constant travel coupled with the heat of the day and the bacteria within the sack, what began as fresh milk was soon transformed into a creamy, somewhat tart custard. Through the centuries, claims of longevity and vitality have been attributed to a diet that includes yogurt. And now, through modern day science many of these claims can be verified.

The path to a stronger, healthier you.
Not only is yogurt rich in calcium, vitamins, and high in protein, the active bacterial cultures added to the milk have been shown to have many powerful affects on the body. They help to strengthen the immune system, improve gastrointestinal health, and as research is showing, they can assist in the prevention of a host of conditions and diseases. Our use of 5 active bacterial cultures is designed to ensure maximum benefit is achieved throughout the lifecycle of the product. When active, these cultures:

  • break down lactose converting it to lactic acid thus reducing the amount of lactose in the yogurt, which enables some people with lactose intolerance to enjoy yogurt.
  • support the absorption and synthesis of many minerals and vitamins
  • help to regulate the growth of intestinal and vaginal yeast in the body.
  • balance the internal flora and fauna of the gastrointestinal system.

So, if not for the great taste and creamy texture of Olympic yogurt, if not for the wonderful fruit flavours and all natural ingredients of Olympic yogurt, eat yogurt because it supports a path towards health and wellness.




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