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Source Commitment


  • Adoption of thin walled product containers to reduce unnecessary plastic use.
  • Labels, both size and number
  •  Minimize cardboard thickness and weight and removal of excess cardboard from packaging
  • Investment into new heating and cooling production equipment and methods that reduce energy while increasing efficiency for superior product formation and quality
  • Integration of route truck delivery analyses to ensure optimum distribution of our products with minimal environmental impact
  • Implementation of route truck software to reduce truck idling and braking
  • Energy efficiency via implementation of isolated cooling and incubation areas that when not in use are at room temperature


  • Recover and reuse all cardboard boxes and trays at production and from our distribution at retail
  • Pallets
  • Product donations
  • Water within our heating and cooling systems
  • Paper


  • Plastc, including packaging containers, seals and shrink wrap, milk jugs
  • Cardboard received and cardboard reused to its lifecycle end
  • Paper, labels
  • Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Milk byproducts including cream
  • Production equipment


  • Cardboard delivery trays
  • Pallets
  • Waste water and effluent for treatment and safe disposal
  • Inline water heating and cooling
  • Product and product packaging at retail for recycling
  • Separation at production source

Legal Requirements, Certifications and Commitments:

  • Our wastewater treatment system ensures conformity and return to source of safe and biodegradable waste water
  • Packaging labeling and conformity
  • Dairy Organic and non-organic certification
  • Dairy receiving, processing, distribution


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