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At Olympic, we have always believed that reduce, recover, reuse, recycle make good business sense, as well as good environmental sense.

Since our first day of operation, we have implemented policies such as recycling, recovering and reusing cardboard boxes used in production and delivery, using recyclable plastics and working with farmers and vendors who demonstrate their commitment to the planet.

Over the years we have adopted new energy and water saving policies, we’ve developed better packaging so that we use less plastic, smaller labels, and less cardboard, and we have always made recycling mandatory in our office and our factory.

When we moved into our new plant in Delta, BC we set some new environmental goals. And here’s where we are today.

Environmental Goal Achieved as of Spring 2009
Reduce “garbage” waste by 50% Exceeded – New target maintaining 0% “garbage” waste.
Virtually everything that can be recycled or reused, is recycled or reused (dairy products, equipment, batteries, paper, light bulbs, mechanical fluids, equipment, etc).
Reduce water usage in our manufacturing processes by 50% Exceeded – New target maintaining 0% water waste.
We now have a closed loop water system, which means a reduction in water usage of 50%
Reduce Overall Energy Consumption On Target
Installation of energy efficiency equipment along with the installation of new piping and new manufacturing processes allows us to reduce energy requirements for heating and cooling, decreasing the time it takes to heat and cool, and as a result improve the overall quality and taste of our unique products.

View a complete checklist of the environmental policies and practices that we have incorporated into dairy processing over the years.



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